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With more than 60,000 vessels passing through the straits of Gibraltar each year and not calling into port.

Many of our clients use this opportunity to carry out services without delaying the vessel.

A rendezvous position and time is agreed on allowing the vessel only to slow down whilst the service is carried out.

  • Crew changes
  • Delivery of spares
  • Delivery of stores
Image of Turner Rendezvous Points

There are 2 official rendezvous positions:

  • OPL A – 2NM East of Europa Point (50% port dues charged on vessels tonnage)
  • OPL B – 5/6 NM South East of Europa Point .(No port dues charged)

Our clerks will coordinate in good time a rendezvous position that is tailor made to you requests.

We will always look for the most cost effective option for our clients.

How can we help you

We are happy to recommend bunkering surveyors on request. Get in touch with us today to find out how.