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June 27, 2023

Minster for the Port, the Hon Vijay Daryanani MP, has today opened Maritime Week Gibraltar at the Sunborn Hotel.

Last night the Minister hosted a reception at the Convent to welcome delegates.

This is the third conference after its launch in June 2019 and will see people attending from Singapore, Maldives, Malta and other maritime jurisdictions.

The Minister spoke of Gibraltar’s strategic location, the importance of the maritime industry and our maritime heritage.

Minister Daryanani commented: “Gibraltar is a bustling maritime hub and after the Pandemic it is crucial that we promote our Port and all the services related to the maritime sector. Maritime Week serves as the perfect platform for us to recognize the invaluable contributions made by the maritime industry to our local economy and the global trade network. It is great to see people from abroad participating in this event offering us the opportunity to sell Gibraltar at first hand. I look forward to a week of networking and putting Gibraltar on the map once again”